Bus advertising is a media of proximity that delivers your messages directly through the most crowded streets. It generates high frequency and exposure to local commuters, drivers and pedestrians that are potential buyers. 

Buses go where people go! 
  • High repetition of the ads and seen by pedestrians and vehicular traffic from multiple directions, simultaneously.
  • Target specific demographics based on route and deliver exposure where other Out-of-Home advertising can’t.
  • Vinyl sticker and See-Through cover make your ad stand out.
The bus routes of TCV are as follows :
  • La Marsa: 16 bus
  • El Manar: 6 bus
  • El Menzah VI: 6 bus
  • Benden: 12 bus
  • Special buses: 20 buses
Average route time:
  • Tunis-Marsa-Tunis: 45 to 50 minutes x 2 with 9 round trips per day
  • Tunis-Manar-Tunis: 30 to 35 minutes x 2 with 12 round trips per day.
  • Tunis-Menzah-Manar: 30 to 35 minutes x 2 round trips per day
During the week from Monday till Saturday, all buses are on the move from 6:30 to 20:30. Duration of circulation: 14 hours. 
On Sundays, all buses are on the move from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. Duration of circulation: 12 hours.