Exclusive Advertising Concession at Noor Shopping Mall
01 July 2016

Lawhat Tunisie is pleased to announce its exclusive advertising concession at Noor Shopping Mall, Djerba.

Lawhat Tunisie offers advertisiers prime locations inside, outside and in the parking of Noor Shopping Mall.


  • 2m2 Scrollers signs specific to malls
  • 2m2 Statics signs specific to malls
  • Vinyl on glass borders, elevators and escalators, allowing for high-impact and visible to all.


  • Overhead installed at the car park entrance
  • Large Format Backlits located in the lobbies of the parking
  • 10m2 panels in parking spaces


  • Vinyl Branding of the Doors to welcome visitors at the main entrance.

Lawhat Tunisie also offers products at the forefront of technology:

  • Power Poles in the most popular areas of the mall. Lawhat innovative product allows visitors to charge their electronics for free and is a big advantage for a brand that wants to draw attention of its consumers.
  • Mobile Bridge: it offers added value and endless possibilities of mobile content and instantly create a special connection with the consumer on 2m2 Backlit signs: discounts / coupons, games, videos, applications and more. This interactive service allows brands to amplify their communication and engage their audience.