Exclusive Advertising Concession Bus TCV
29 April 2016
Lawhat Tunisie is pleased to inform you of its new exclusiveadvertising concession BUS TCV

The Voyageurs Common Transport Company (TCV) has a 60-bus park.

His reputation as a first transport of Grand Tunis is based on a revised service of clean lines with proper maintenance of the bus. 

In addition, the ads are washed daily by the care of the Lawhat team on the parking areas. 

Lawhat offers 3 standard products
-Bus Rear for a period of 15 days or 30 days. 
-The Full Bus Branding during 30 days. 
-The Integral Branding OWV (one way vision) with See-Through covering the side windows during 30 days 

The lines served by the bus TCV are: 
La Marsa: 16 bus 
El Manar: 6 bus 
El Menzah VI: 6 bus 
Benden: 12 bus 
Special Bus: 20 bus